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Meet Dr. Dylan RoyDr. Dylan Roy's profile photo

When Dr. Dylan Roy was in high school, he took a test as so many of us do to find an appropriate vocation in life. Though the test said a mathematician would be a good fit, he knew he had a different calling and followed his heart. He wanted to make a difference in the lives of children as a chiropractor, and provide them with healing, just as his childhood chiropractor had done for him.

Schooling then expanded his understanding of how chiropractic positively structured his life for success. While at Cleveland University he went to his first conference and realized the power of the body when it’s functioning and thriving to the best of its God-given ability.

Finding Joy in Chiropractic

And now, several years into his own practice, he’s been an eyewitness to countless practice members with amazing stories from how chiropractic care at Redeemed Life Chiropractic has benefitted their lives. From calming a child on the spectrum and increasing his engagement in the world around him, to changing the lives of preteens with ADHD, and infants with constipation and mobility problems — Dr. Dylan continues to be in awe of all that chiropractic care can do for the whole family and is humbled by the opportunity to help others every day.

Outside the Office

When not at work, Dr. Dylan is heavily involved at Hill City Church as a leader and in servitude.

You can often find him outdoors and staying active, through activities like running, hiking, camping, and just enjoying the beauty of the mountains.

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