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Traumas: There are BIG traumas like slips, falls, car accidents, sports injuries, and even old injuries. But there is also small traumas such as small daily repetitive activities that we do over and over again like sitting at a desk working on our computer all day or bending over and picking up boxes, the small traumas don’t instantly impact our health but over time if we are unable to adapt causes a significant impact.
Toxins: Are the different things that can get into our body from the foods and drinks we consume, or the cleaning supplies we use, the medications we take and even the air we breathe in can affect our health dramatically.
Thoughts: The Emotional stressors in this world impact us the most by around 80%, which is significant. Many people get stressed from the news they see on tv, to gas prices rising, to relationships and family members, work and all the stress that comes with that, to even the crazy drivers on the roads. It constantly overwhelms our minds sometimes on a daily basis if not more.
Technology is around us everywhere we go, work, home, school, restaurants, bathrooms (lol), etc. And what position do we find ourselves when looking at technology, looking straight down at the ground and then we wonder at repeating that over weeks to months to years, why all of a sudden we struggle sleeping or breathing, more chronic headaches and colds and sinus issues.
WE ARE DESIGNED TO ADAPT TO THESE STRESSORS…….but when we don’t adapt our body and health start to take a hit because of the overwhelming stressors we put our body through. Many of these things lead to poor sleep, more likely to become sick and stay sick frequently, struggle with busy brain, tons of tension built up, digestive disorders start to play a part, maybe you get more easily annoyed, frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, etc.. This is what happens when the Nervous System becomes overly stressed.
SEEK OUT A NEUROLOGICALLY BASED CHIROPRACTOR – They can help get your nervous system assessed and corrected allowing you to get back to living life the way you were created and designed to. Leading to:
- Better Sleep
- Less tension + More Relaxed
- Better Mood Regulation
- Less Sickness
- Your Gut Starts To Work Better
So don’t put your health on hold. You only have one body and the most important asset in your life is your health because without it there is no life.
Increase Your Health
Increase Your Life

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